6 Easy Tips for Your Next Summer Party

Party Rock in your Backyard

HelloCosy! 5 Jan 2017

Vast Prahu Backyard Party

If seasons were friends, autumn is the good-looking, clean-cut & sophisticated one. Winter is the broken-hearted & hopeless romantic we’re all waiting to move on. Spring is the bubbly, super cute & pretty fun type. But Summer? (Oh, hands down!) She is the party beast!
Did I just say party? Heck yeah, I did!
We're in the midst of hot summer days but thanks to your pool & backyard, you can throw a fun-filled party, full of yummy food & refreshing drinks!
Here are 6 easy tips to help you pull off the greatest summer party:
1. Prep the Pool

Simpsons Gif Best tip of the day, go easy on the chlorine. Source: Simpsons
Make sure your pool is all good & running way before the party-people get there, but don’t go OTT here, you don’t want your guests blinded by your over-eager pool cleaning. Remember, the goal here is to make them want to jump in, even with their clothes on!
Grab some pool floats, inflatable beach balls, squishy water bombs, rubber duckies & more toys to make it more fun for everyone.
2. Let’s Get Physical, Physical
Fun and Games in the PoolWho said pool party fun was just for kids? Grown-ups love to have some fun in the sun too!
While Marco Polo, shoulder wars & belly flops are the kings of all classic swimming games, a good ole’ fashion game of pool volleyball & beer pong (with floating beer pong tables) are as exciting. Just be extra careful not to give someone a bloody nose by the end of the evening...
3. Set the Scene

Monteray Daybed Sofa


Guests will need a place to relax out of the water, so deck your backyard out with some comfy, chic furniture, tables & shades---perked up with themed runners & matching settings.
Putting together hues such as turquoise & white will help bring on the cool vibes. So let the colours of summer splash your palette.
Now try to be a little playful with your centrepiece. Why not use a life preserver or sunglasses as napkin rings? Then, fill up jumbo beach pails with ice & use as wine or beverage chillers.
Try making your own backyard photo booth. No need to spend thousands purchasing a professional one. Just call your best buds for some help & inspiration.
4. Serve Easy, Food & Beverages
Summer Party BBQOf course, you can’t call it a summer pool party if you don’t have food...well not a popular one anyway.
Fire up the BBQ or lay out a variety of hot & cold food on the table with plenty of salads, veggies, fruit & meat. Don't stinge on food ‘cause with all that swimming, you know your guests are going to work up a hunger. This time, leftovers are okay. It’s better to have more than enough, than too little!
Kick off with appetisers. Fill your plate with finger foods such as Caprese Salad Skewers, chips & salsa or fish & chips & a giant bowl of fresh watermelon...yum! For the kiddies (big & small), make sure to have popsicles, ice cream & fruit juices. Don’t you remember as a kid, being crazy hungry after a swim?
But then, after everyone is tuckered out, dried, & hungry … it’s time to move the finger foods inside & go for mains.

    Here Are Our Picks

    Dill Potato Salad with FetaSalad: Dill Potato Salad with Feta -        Source: recipegirl.com
    Rosemary chicken skewers with lemon saltMain Dish: Rosemary chicken skewers with lemon salt - Source: taste.com.au
    PavlovaDessert: Pavlova (Keep it simple & seasonal, three fruits max) - Source: donnahay.com.au


    For refreshments, prep a wide choice of drinks for everyone: water, sodas, beers, cocktails & the like:

      Breezy Bartending Drinks

      White SangriaWhite Sangria - Source: thekitchn.com
      Paloma CocktailThe Pink Paloma Cocktail - Source: thekitchn.com
      Mint JulepMint Julep - Source: backyardbartender.blogspot.com.au

        Non-Boozy Drinks

        White SangriaClassic Lemonade - Source: countrysidecravings.com
        tropical-mango-pineapple-smoothie-recipeTropical Mango Pineapple Smoothie Recipe - Source: cookincanuck.com
        Mint JulepSoft Drinks (no recipe for this.. just go to the shops) - Source: flickr @plasterbrain

        5. Turn up the beat (Turn it up even more!)
        Now here comes the boom... You've got enough going on, so delegate the music selection to your mates by setting up outdoor speakers for whoever wants to show off their DJ skills. Don't forget to prepare a few backup playlists, just in case you need to pump up or tone down the mood
        6. Be Ready with Extras
        Finally, as the most in-demand host & star of the day, you might also want to keep some extras on hand (just in case the need arises) like: bug spray, thongs, sunscreen, first aid kit, beach towels, citronella candles & box fans. It’s almost a guarantee that a few guests or party crashers will ask. Who knows right?
        That's it, that's all you'll need to be the party-planning envy of all your friends & have an epic summer party ahead!

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