Top Four Reasons Reclaimed Timber Is Here to Stay

In the words of Annie Leonard, “There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.” Timber is no different, and with Earth having lost over half of its trees since humans started cutting them down, there’s never been a better time to explore the benefits of reclaimed timber. Sure, the reclaimed timber trend has been around for quite some time, but let’s be honest, there’s no reason for it ever to go away. Here are our top four reasons why reclaimed timber is here to stay.

You can’t manufacture character

As they say, you can’t buy style. That’s because you can’t manufacture character! Timber that has lived a full life already has an amazing story to tell. You’ll never get the same history & beauty in new furniture that you will in old-growth timber.

It can take the beating

You can’t buy old-growth wood anymore. Referring to trees that have naturally reached their full maturity within an environment that encourages slow growth, ‘old-growth’ trees are typically stronger than farmed wood. The slower a tree grows, the denser its fibres become.

As old-growth trees have had decades or even centuries to mature, there’s no denying that old-growth reclaimed-timber can take a beating. If you have kids, pets, a hubby or another accident-prone housemate, you’ll love not having to live in fear every time they’re running around, playing with toys, or doing anything else near your new table.

It’s a chic way to go green

By fusing reclaimed materials into your home, you’re cutting down waste by recycling old wood, which in turn prevents the need for further trees to be cut down.

You’re passionate about history

When you choose reclaimed timber, you’re choosing to keep history alive. Whether it’s an old door or wood sourced from re-surfacing old fishing boats, reclaimed timber keeps the past alive by celebrating the history of natural wooden craftsmanship.

Here are some reclaimed timber furniture pieces you’ll love.

Salvar Dining Table

As the centrepiece to our popular Salvar range, this dining table will have your guests moving their plates around to admire all of the intricate detail on its lovely surface!

Crafted from recycled and salvaged timber of all different kinds from the building industry, truck sides and even old bridges, the varying colours and grains of pine and hardwood just make this an intriguing delight to behold, not to mention connect you with pieces which have a long history and tonnes of character.

We just hope you appreciate the engineering feat involved with each plank of wood that goes on behind the scenes to make such an eclectic group of materials work together so elegantly! After all, its floating top and superior lacquers are designed for longevity and endurance.

Prahu Bar Table

As the centrepiece of our Prahu Range of furniture, this rustic table not only has genuine appeal, it also has such a remarkable sustainability story behind it, that you’ll just have to own one! To source the timber used in this piece, Vast locates sunken fishing boats found in freshwater bodies all around Indonesia, raises them up, dismantles and harvests the pieces of wood, drying it all out and then recrafting it into the beautiful table you see here.

Since we started making this piece ten years ago, we have refloated around 400 boats, and we’re sure we don’t have to tell you how much of an impact that has had on recycling! This means that every single piece of this table has a story, and because the wood is teak, it will never rot. It really offers the whole package. Where else can you say to guests, ‘you’re eating a cheese platter off several pieces of timber that all have a marine backstory. Let’s ponder this while we watch the sunset and drink wine’?

Old Door Buffet

One of Vasts staple products is the Old Door Buffet, and the stories behind this piece are as fascinating as they are numerous. As the name suggestions, it began as an artistic way to recycle builder’s scrap timber and old doors and has now become one of our most desirable products, of which there’s no surprise why.

Designed to create contrast, the latest range of these distinct pieces blends new wood with the recycled timber, complete with a sanded down finish to frame the true character of the piece. Trust us when we say that this is quite the engineering feat, requiring a kiln and special joinery processes to create the perfect artwork, fit for your home.

When it comes to genuinely recycled furniture, this one is made to last! We spend meticulous time on the technical side of construction to ensure it can weather all conditions so that all you have to do is continue to marvel at your remarkable old door furniture for years to come.

That’s it for our top reasons why reclaimed timber is here to stay, as well as some of our favourite reclaimed timber pieces. Remember, if you’ve seen something you like, or want to do some more searching, you can check out our catalogue and purchase online, or find your local store.

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