See Nothing Else With the Samsung Frame TV: Ambient Mode


There’s no denying the TV is a key feature of the modern day living room. Although essential, the television has long been considered an eyesore by interior designers and creative homeowners alike. Our previous advice has focussed on styling around the TV, however, the problem has grown in size along with our TV’s. Well, it turns out the Samsung Frame TV has an exciting new feature that hides the biggest buzzkill of the modern day living room.
Last year, the bold and tech-savvy designer Yves Béhar pitched a concept designed to make the large, flat-screen TV more agreeable. The Frame, which has been created by Samsung, reverted to what looked like framed artwork while not in use. This concept has now been taken one step further with the latest feature: ambient mode.



Samsung TV: ambient mode

In March this year, Samsung launched a new suite of QLED TV’s which included the huge ambient mode design decision. While in ambient mode, TV’s would blend into their surroundings while still being able to display art when activated. It can also list the top news headlines while you get ready for work. However, the standout capability that has got us really excited is the design feature that takes living room design to a whole new level.

Hiding in plain sight

Take a snap of your TV against the wall it lives on, and the Samsung technology will mimic the background and create a camouflage background that blends in with the wall. The product has been specifically designed for consumers who are mindful of the aesthetics of their space. In a demo (see feature image), the TV picked up on a brick walls textured concrete and patterned surfaces, mimicking such fine detail that the TV was essentially hidden.


Styling tips

The Samsung Frame TV can match any space or style to deliver a modern experience and compliment to your home. In particular, we can see the ambient mode feature of the Samsung Frame TV looking absolutely lavish in industrial settings that are already full of character. No longer does the life need to be sucked out of a living room through the gaping black hole on the wall! If you’re living room design has more of a Scandinavian or minimalist feel, the decor mode can add a splash of colour with interactive images that harmonise with your environment.  We’re super excited to see how people make the most of the exciting product in their own homes. If you’re not planning on making the upgrade just yet, you can check out our blog on living room design and styling around your TV. Or if it’s natural sustainable furniture you’re after, check out our online catalogue or find your nearest store.

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