Reclaimed Timber: What’s With All The Hype?

Why we love Reclaimed Timber & why you should too!

HelloCosy! | 8 Feb 2017

Salvar Reclaimed Timber Dining Table

The Reclaimed Timber trend has been here for quite some time & let's be honest, there's no reason for it to ever go away. Sure, I'm biased, my heart goes for reclaimed & old-growth timber every time. There's literally thousands of reasons why I love it so much, but since you don't have all day, I'm gonna just share my top 5.
1. It's a chic way to go green.
You pretty much know already that there are fewer trees left out there in our woods, forests & jungles. By fusing reclaimed materials into your home, you're cutting down waste by recycling old wood, which in turn prevents the need for further trees to be cut down.

2. It can take the beating.
Reclaimed timber is super hardy! If you have kids, pets, a hubby or other accident prone housemate, you'll love not having to live in fear every time they're running around, playing with toys, or doing anything else near your new table.

3. It's strong enough to fight for you!
Somewhat related to number 2, you don't have to worry about replacing your furniture pieces anytime soon.

We love trees, but farmed wood isn’t nearly as durable as the old-growth ones 'cause they’ve been coddled. Remember, a tree that had a hard-fought fight for existence & been allowed to grow naturally is more likely to give you more years of use.

Now, we’re going to the best part…

4. Just like you can’t buy style, you can’t manufacture character.

As they say, you can’t buy style nor manufacture character. Timber that has lived a full life already,  has an amazing story to tell. You’ll never get the same history & beauty in new furniture that you will in old-growth timber.

5. Like yourself & your favourite wine, it gets so much better with age.

It's true that nothing stays new forever, but with old-growth wood, it only gets better with time.

Some Reclaimed Pieces You'll Love

Salvar Dining Table


But remember, even the hardiest of timbers needs love, if you want it looking great in 20 years.
Want to know how to make your timber last? Click below.
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