Sustainable Design

At Vast, we get involved in the back-story of our timber so that we can look you in the eye and assure you that all our signature ranges are constructed from ethically sourced materials. Whether it’s reused timber from construction demolition or plantation hardwood harvested from sustainably managed forests, we’ve given careful consideration to our impact on the world – and yours.



Mango Wood

Our Mango Wood has already lived a full life, long before it reaches the hands of our craftspeople. Each tree begins life in the plantation, yielding tonnes of fruit over a period of 20 to 30 years. But when it’s fruit-bearing years are behind it and a younger tree takes its place, so begins its journey to VAST. The very best wood is reborn into our handcrafted furniture. So when someone admires your new Mango Wood coffee table, you can smile and say ‘it took 25 years to look that good’.

Acacia Wood

This timber is a little like some of us – it has borne the scars of time but its character is what makes it beautiful. Thriving in some of the most arid and wind-blown environments in the world, its knots and fractures tell a story. This durable timber offers a rustic close-grained pattern with a unique colour and feel that will bring a sense of warmth to your home.

Recycled Timber

Oh if our furniture could speak… what stories they’d tell! Recycled timber has always been a material that’s close to our heart. From old demolished buildings, abandoned teak boats and disused freight pallets, we get kind of excited about giving this beautiful timber a loving forever home. With up to 50 years of history in each piece, you’ll love the depth of character this timber offers.


Everything grows well in the tropics, including this impressive sustainable material. Core rattan grows quickly but still has incredible strength and pliability, making it a firm favourite with our craftspeople. Whether it’s a comfy chair in the corner where you can enjoy a good book or a gorgeous side table to rest your wine glass, rattan will bring life and texture into your home.

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