Salvar Buffet 3 Dr

Salvar Buffet 3 Dr

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One of our more visually prominent ranges of furniture, the Salvar Buffet makes first impressions immediately. Comprised solely of recycled and salvaged timber from home and floor boards, we retain each piece’s originality, and then spend meticulous time ensuring that all of the colours work together in one overall aesthetic, adding the whole art element to the finished product. As a result, each one of these buffets is a once-off item; and let’s face it, who doesn’t cherish a collectors piece?

But it’s also what lies beneath the surface, too! New timber is used on the inside cupboards and framing, with polished surfaces to ensure safe and sturdy storage, and sealed with magnets and steel latches. This is definitely a buffet that makes a statement in any setting.

Size: 165Lx40Wx78H

Materials: Salvaged old wood

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