Our History

Back in the last century at the young age of 29, Vast Founder Ross Clayton had spent a decade designing & manufacturing pine furniture for his retail furniture business in Coffs Harbour.

The problem for Ross (as a creative type!) was that the product he was producing was very "vanilla" & the designs were a bit "same-same ".

Whilst he loved creating furniture & had a successful business. Something had to change! Actually everything had to change.

And so Ross sold his business & then began to create his perfect vision of what his ideal furniture company should look like.

These are his original 4 company rules.

No bland furniture ever!
Use natural & recycled materials!
Hand made & hand finished!
Have fun!

Ross opened the first Vast store in Coffs Harbour in 1999 & it was an instant success. Customers loved it so much that several of those very customers became Vast franchisee's.
Over the next 15 years these new customers/franchisees began to open their own stores throughout Australia.

The key ingredient? The furniture had soul!

Since then Vast has opened stores in over 30 locations across Australia & New Zealand, & still sticks vigorously to its original four rules; we will never do vanilla!!!

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