Our Philosophy

Design is everything

Our in-house designers at Vast dedicate long hours to designing furniture with you in mind. We love nothing more than picturing our pieces as favourite focal points in your home. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about creating timeless pieces that become a part of your family life. But that’s not to say we’re stuck in our ways, quite the opposite – new technologies and materials constantly change the rules and allow us to blend new practices with our traditional artisan techniques.

In your home sooner

Because we manage our entire manufacturing process from design to delivery, you’ll be gathering the extended family to christen your new VAST dining table in no time. Your delivery comes direct from the crafts person to you and means that we don’t have the costly overheads that would otherwise increase our prices. We’re careful with our quality control and ensure that when it arrives at your door, it’s exactly what you envisioned.

Sustainability: more than just a buzz-word

Before upcycling was even a word, VAST was reusing timber that had lived a full life and already had an amazing story to tell. From re-floating old teak boats to giving new life to old roofing materials and freight pallets, we broke new ground in using old materials. It’s what gives our 100% recycled furniture soul and personality. And while we’re all about living in the moment, we strongly believe in caring for our planet’s future. We will only ever use sustainable raw materials from ‘fully renewable’ sources.

Hand created with love

At VAST, we design with purpose and craft with passion. We know how important each piece of furniture will be when it reaches its final home. And so we select materials with unique grains and beautiful textures. As we get to work, we let the materials tell their story and show their distinct personality, ensuring that every piece is as individual as you. With several craftspeople collaborating to create each beautiful piece, well… you know what they say about variety being the spice of life.

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