Brando Sofa

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Our Tan Leather Lounge

The Brando sofa is an exquisite thing. Designed in shape and form primarily to celebrate the finest quality of aniline saddle bag leather in which it is draped. The design brief was to incorporate mid century lines, deep buttoned comfort and contrast stitching to enhance the timeless beauty of the full aniline leather.

A word on leather

We only do very expensive leather and this is why.

To best explain our position we can draw a simple analogy with TIMBER and some of its processed derivatives.

For instance solid timber is shaved when turned into veneer, laminated when turned into ply, and completely mashed when converted into MDF or particleboard. In each of these cases, there is no attempt to pass any of these off as solid timber. It’s very black and white.

The classification of leather however is a very different story. It can be laminated, shaved, and mashed into its completely new profile, and still be classified as leather.

Once we start to journey away from genuine hides (Aniline-Semi Aniline) it is a slippery slope, often with no real way of telling what/how the leather is made, and perhaps more importantly how it will perform in the years ahead.

After being in the industry purchasing leather sofas for 25 years we have decided that we cannot confidently trust any of the cheaper “leather options” to perform as well as the original leather that has been used in upholstery for over 120 years, today it is often called semi- aniline.

It is very expensive to produce, but for us, it’s the only option that we trust.

Brando Sofa Leather Lounge Front View
Brando Sofa Leather Lounge Side View
Brando Sofa Leather Lounge Detail View
Brando Sofa Leather Lounge High View
Brando Sofa Leather Lounge Back View

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