Hesta Coffee Table

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Our Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

All you have to do is to look at this piece to know why it’s a real crowd favourite! Combining the old with the new, the Hesta Coffee Table displays a proud geometric design surface which appeals to modern tastes, built through the use of our signature Vast carpentry techniques where we combine over 300 individual pieces of different timber to create its characteristic look. But it’s so much more than that! We have fashioned contemporary out of traditional, with old recycled timber being hand-cut and delicately placed into the intricate jigsaw design you are marvelling at before you now. 

The visual appeal is no accident! Our funky designers observe the piece in its entirety during its construction and work out which colours and shapes will best complement each other, resulting in a table which is completely unique and limited edition. 

We’re very excited and most proud of this old-new blending to create distinct pieces, and you will see more examples of this throughout our collection.

Note: Actual finish may vary from picture as all pieces use unique timber.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Front View
Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Clear Material
Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Peacock Material

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