Prahu Counter Stool

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Our Timber Bar Stools

The Prahu Counter Stool has such a remarkable sustainability story behind it, that you’ll just have to own one! To source the timber used in this piece, Vast locates sunken fishing boats found in freshwater bodies all around Indonesia, raises them up, dismantles and harvests the pieces of wood, drying it all out and then recrafting it into the beautiful table you see here.

Since we started making this range, in 2007, we have refloated around 400 boats, and we’re sure we don’t have to tell you how much of an impact that has had on recycling! This means that every single piece of this unit has a story, and because the wood is teak, it will never rot. It really offers the whole package

Each piece of the Prahu Range has its own distinct features for the next owner to relive its saga.

Timber Bar Stool Front view with white background
4 Timber Bar Stools with bar table and various surrounding items

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