IndiMex Restaurant & Bar

IndiMex Restaurant & Bar

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IndiMex is a fusion restaurant located in the Stones Corner precinct in Brisbane. The restaurant specialises in Indian cuisine with a fresh Mexican twist. 

Owner, GJ Singh hails from India and has spent many years working in restaurants all across the world. For many years GJ dreamt of combining the spicy flavours of India with tasty Mexican street food into one delicious menu. After landing in Brisbane he decided that the river city might be just the place to bring his IndiMex dream alive. 

The IndiMex fit out is bursting with colours and imagery true to the heritage of both countries. It has been decked out with custom made furniture by Vast Interior a company which specialises in quality Indian made furnishings. Vast Interior created a number of unconventional pieces perfect for the look and feel of the restaurant. 

If you have ever visited India or Pakistan you probably noticed the hordes of extravagantly painted trucks which flood the highways. In India, truck drivers believe that the more beautiful their trucks are, the better business will be. 

Vast Interior incorporated this modern form of Indian folk art into the IndiMex fit out.  Talented Indian artists who usually spend their days painting trucks were employed to hand paint each table top. The result was, funky tables true to the Indian vibe of the restaurant. 

The walls are brightly painted and feature large murals of inspirational people including Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, John Lennon, Mother Teresa, The Beatles and Bob Marley. 

Vast Interior also used original Indian ‘found’ pieces to complement the other newer pieces. ‘Found’ pieces such as vintage lounges, coffee tables and chairs were used to furnish the al fresco dining area. 

Overall the IndiMex fit out is vibrant, striking and fits in well with the colourful mix of the menu. 


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