Old Door TV Unit

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Our Rustic TV Unit

One of Vast’s staple products is the Old Door TV Unit, and the stories behind this piece are as fascinating as they are numerous. As the name suggestions, it began as an artistic way to recycle builder’s scrap timber and old doors and has now become one of our most desirable products, of which there’s no surprise why.

Designed to create contrast, the latest range of these distinct tables blends new wood borders with the recycled timber middle, complete with a sanded down finish to frame the true character of the piece. Trust us when we say that this is quite the engineering feat, requiring a kiln and special joinery processes to create the perfect artwork, fit for your guests.

When it comes to genuinely recycled tables, this one is made to last! We spend meticulous time on the technical side of construction to ensure it can weather all conditions so that all you have to do is continue to marvel at your remarkable tv unit for years to come.

Rustic TV Unit with chairs, and other surrounding items
Rustic TV Unit with various surrounding items

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