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Kori Buffet
Sale price$1,799 Regular price$2,249
Palo Buffet 2 Door 2 Drawer
Sale price$1,039 Regular price$1,299
Palo Buffet 4 Door 4 Drawer
Sale price$2,159 Regular price$2,699
Palo Buffet 2 Door 3 Drawer
Sale price$1,519 Regular price$1,899
Seville Buffet 4 Door - Waterwood
Sale price$1,439 Regular price$1,799
Seville Buffet 2 Door 3 Drawer
Sale price$1,359 Regular price$1,699
Old Door Buffet
Sale price$2,159 Regular price$2,699
Jarda Buffet 2 Door 3 Drawer
Sale price$1,359 Regular price$1,699

Our collection of buffets and sideboards are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and built to withstand the test of time. Our handcrafted pieces are not merely furniture; they are a testament to enduring quality and timeless design. Each buffet and sideboard is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, seamlessly integrating into a variety of interior styles.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the choice of materials. These exceptional pieces are meticulously crafted from sustainably sourced recycled or discarded timbers, ensuring that your investment not only enhances your living space but also contributes to a greener, more responsible future.

Whether you prefer a classic, coastal, or contemporary aesthetic, our buffets and sideboards effortlessly complement diverse interior styles. The versatility of our collection allows you to curate a space that is uniquely yours, showcasing the enduring beauty of handcrafted furniture —a timeless addition to your living space that will be cherished for generations to come.

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