The product is crafted from recycled Teak hardwood.

To source the timber used in this piece, Vast locates sunken fishing boats found in freshwater bodies all around Indonesia, raises them up, dismantles and harvests the pieces of wood, drying it all out and then re-crafting it into new beautiful furniture with its own unique story.

salvaged fishing boats

Since we began utilising this overlooked resource, we have re-floated hundreds of boats (we always save the carved Bowsprit from each salvaged vessel) to harvest the wood and we’re sure we don’t have to tell you how much of an impact that has had on recycling! Teak has a coarse texture and a colour which develops with age. Practically imperishable under cover, it has been known to last in temples for centuries.

This piece has been handcrafted by one of our Vast Masters, these individual cabinet makers have been manufacturing Vast products for over a decade. Using traditional joinery techniques to maximise the timber's natural beauty is a big part of the unique look of each Vast product. We call this "working with the grain". 

Country of Origin: Java, Indonesia