Teak is a tropical hardwood with a coarse texture and a colour which develops with age. Native to South East Asia, teak is used extensively in furniture production. Its high oil content, strong tensile strength and tight grain makes it particularly suitable for Alfresco / outdoor use.

  • Dust regularly with a clean cotton cloth;
  • Only use natural wax, oil or water based cleaning products. Do not use solvent based cleaning products that may contain silicone or alcohol, as this may react and permanently damage the timber.
  • Do not expose to fragrant oils, insect repellent lotion, or nail polish remover as these are often solvent based and will damage the lacquer 
  • Avoid placing your furniture near fireplaces, in direct sunlight or under heating/cooling vents.
  • Do not leave hot items or ice cold items directly on the surface of the table as water marking may occur.
  • Any metal work featuring on your product has been powder coated. Any damage to the surface should be contained as soon as possible to prevent rusting.
  • For outside use we recommend a marine grade varnish (re-apply regularly)